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Blog 236: Votes are in!
Blog 236: Votes are in!
Hey there!

Sleepy girl here... just finished 3 hours on Fetish at Nite/ Blue at Nite.. co-hosting both shows with Orpheous as Marie was out ill tonight. The topic of tonight's show was raising kids in an alt relationship... I'll go into the details later. I did get Red Light District Contract Director/ Performer Mr. Pete to come on to the show in our last hour and talk about his latest projects.. He flattered me by saying his favorite scene to date was the scene we shot a few weeks ago. Aww... (Applause!) *Now that's how you get some ass!*

I got spanked by Mistress Papillon for her birthday. Then by Indi. Then by Orpheous. Papillon and I discussed possibly shooting together at some point. (I need to get dominated by some big Black Amazon for my site.. don't I? ;)

I'm sleepy.. but I finished tallying the votes from the last few days on which Brandon Iron site I should shoot for...

And the winner is....


Load My Mouth!

That's right...

Scores are:

Load My Mouth = 22 votes
Sperm Cocktail = 13 votes
and Cover My Face = 9 votes.

There were a couple of you that voted for all 3... but that wasn't the idea, so those votes don't count. ;-P

I'll keep you guys updated on when we are going to shoot this so you can check it out on my site!

Off to bed! Nitey Nite!

~*~ Sinny ~*~

{B to the A to the R - A - C - K - O - B -A - M - A.}
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