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Blog 158: Sale Item in My Store!!
Now that my store is officially working correctly and both of my star pages, "Sinnamon" & "Sinnamon Love" have been merged, there are lots of titles for you to chose from! Right now, you can purchase one of my older titles, Hans and Franz American An*l Adventure for only 19.98! This movie was shot a few years before I had breast enhancements, but it still features crazy heat! This Interracial scene features me with Chris Charming and another German stud, (who's name I forget...) in a ravishing tag team. :-)

Check out the movie here! If you've seen this movie before, be sure to write a review in the store so you can tell others about the scene!

~*~ Sinn ~*~
Blog 156: 39 Glamour Photos added to members area!
You may havve seen them online somewhere else, but the Office Set has finally been added to the members area of my site. :-)

Tell me... What would you do if you walked into the office and found me looking like this? There are 39 photos total in the set.. Click here to join and view the whole set and check out all the videos as well!

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Blog 157: New Profile Song!!
Now everyone knows that I love offbeat songs with bizzaro world lyrics... So when going through friend requests tonight when I heard this song, I asbolutely HAD to add it to me page.. Now I haven't been deleted yet, (I've tied to be responsible...) But I know lots of people that have, (Kitten, when the hell are you coming back??) So I'm posting this up to share so all you perpetual violators can enjoy your new theme song! ;-)

Yes, Its 2am, I'm up late editing my kid's rock star camp concert video... from last summer... but I just had to stop in here - for a minute. :) Back to work!

Kudos dammit, kudos

~*~ Sinn ~*~
Blog 155: Miracles
So much insanity has happened in my life lately... Between my own illness, my father's illness, my 28 year old brother's recent heart attack... To the outsider, it would seem like it was entirely too much for any one person to handle. If it weren't for yoga and meditation and really, really good friends, I swear, I would probably have gone insane by now. :) But thankfully, I'm still around and not living in a looney bin. Ha!

Tonight, I experienced a little miracle.. something that I've been waiting 8 years for. I'm in a bit of shock, yet elated at the same time. Hope and faith have never felt so much apart of my family... I can only say that after shedding tears of joy, I am now the happiest I have been in a long time... My faith in technology has been restored. :)

I don't want to share the details of what's happened... not yet at least. One day.. just wish me luck in the future and share my good fortune dammit!

(oh yeah.. and don't forget the kudos...)

Blog 154: Like Coffee? Like Books?
I think I posted this once before... But there's an update.. so I'm posting it again! The ultra-talented and uber-pervy Christine Kessler has her first coffee table book out!
So here's the update... In Steen's store, if you purchase the book you can also chose to get an signed image as well!

There are like 4 photos of me in the book, both tied up and playing the more Domme role in a girl/ girl set. Steen is one of my besties, I truly, truly wub her! She always makes me look yummy and delectable! Check out my Steen's Site, Her MySpace, Buy the Book, and give her big kisses for me!

~*~ Sinn ~*~
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Blog 153: Regarding Your Custom Video Requests!
Okie Dokie.. I've had lots of people asking me about my availability to shoot custom videos for them... For those that are not familiar, custom videos are videos shot to your specifications, be they hardcore, girl/girl, solo or fetish/ kink. The video is shot and edited just for you... and can feature an intro where I say your name, or your name can be said throughout... Whatever you prefer! You can dress me up, pick my partners, the settings, and even send me a script! Now that the site is up and functional, you can send me your request or a customized video... I've also included links to all the big adult industry talent agencies on my custom video page so you can select prospective partners for your movie! Now you can be your own porn producer...! Check out the page, send me an email, and I'll send you back rate information on what it will take to produce your movie! :)

I look forward to making all your dirty little fantasies come true!

~*~ Sinn ~*~
Blog 152: Like My Movies??
If you like my movies... you'll love what's going on inside my new site! There's a great combination of Classic Sinn and New Releases to keep you satisfied...! :-)

Check out what you'll find inside my site!

Classic Releases:

  • Sugar Walls 11
  • Super Freaks 9
  • Slippin Into Darkness (The scene where I socked Wesley Pipes in the chest for talking shit and not following through!)
  • My Black Ass 4 (My directorial debut w/ my infamous double a*al scene!)
  • Cum Fountain (one of my first few scenes - ever!)
  • Black Knockers 63

Recent Releases:

  • Big Ass Slumber Party
  • The Big Ass Party 2
  • Swallowing Sluts w/ Big Ass Butts
  • Sugarwalls Black Tales
  • Phatty Girls 6
  • Head Clinic 7
  • Dymes 5
  • Bootyfull View
  • Black Ass Candy 16
  • Ass and Mo Ass 4

There are also 2 exclusive videos and 7 fetish videos of my being submissive courtesy of!

In addition to viewing my scenes, if you like what you see, you can download the entire movie to your hard drive from my store, or you can purchase a copy to be shipped to you! We'll be updating the site with new videos every week.. So be sure to check back soon for more hotness!

~*~ Sinn ~*~
Blog 151: Calendar/ Schedule Updates
Hello all!

I have update my calendar here on MySpace with my upcoming shoot schedule, however I also updated my calendar on with a little more comprehensive schedule... including travel and vacation days. Be sure to check out the calendar and see what's going on in the world of Sinn! If you click on the scheduled dates on my site, you'll get info such as the names of Director, Co-Stars, Photographers... type of scenes and other pertinent information! I just added details about upcoming shoots for Vivid and a hot Lesbian Website! :)

~*~ Sinn ~*~
Blog 150: A girl's first love is her father...
I was all prepared to write a blog today about this wonderfully dirty little 3some last night between myself, Avena (Lee,) and Aurora (Jolie) aka Nicara in my steam room last night... But then today happened. If you're been reading my blog, you know that my father was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer back in September, just 2 weeks before I had surgery for a recurrent malignant ovarian tumor.

[Deep Breath.]

Yesterday, my sister called to tell me that the surgeon had informed them that they could not do the surgery to remove the tumor and the portion of the left lung where it is housed. Today, she went to the doctor with my father and his wife to talk to the doctors about the results of his most recent CT Scan. Not only did the last 5 weeks of chemo and radiation NOT shrink the tumor.. but the cancer has spread throughout his lungs, the center of his lymph nodes and the bones in his back. He has gone from stage IIB (2B) to stage IVA (4A.) The doctors are telling us that they initially gave him a lower dose of chemo and radiation in order not to kill his body's natural cells so that he could heal and recovery in time for surgery. Now that surgery is not an option, they want to give him a more aggressive dose of radiation, (10 treatments,) and chemo (3 treatments - 2 weeks apart,) along with medication to isolate the tumor and try to prevent it from spreading.

But basically...

He has been given

6 months



In a normal childhood and upbringing, a girl's first love is her father. He's the one that sets the bar for all other loves to follow. He is the one that holds her hand, lets her dance on his toes, kisses her goodnight, scares off the monsters in the closet, and tells her everything is going to be alright... As a child, your parents are so invincible... you never think they won't be there or you. As an adult, I've always known that there is a possibility I could lose my parents at some stage. I just never thought the time would actually come. I am really close to my family.. and its hard to imagine my life without the first man I ever loved in it. Its hard to picture my 8 & 13 year old sisters not ever having the privilege us older ones have had... having him cheer them on at high school graduation, or to walk them down the aisle... to be there when they have their first child...

On one hand, I'm sort of numb.. it hasn't all sunk it. Yet as I type these words, my eyes ter up and I have to fight them back. Have you ever heard the saying that a sould has to leave for another to be born? As my family is hit with the news of my father's prognosis, we still have to remain focused... as my 21 year old niece, my "other" child, is due to bring the 1st of the 5th generation in our family into the world on February 19th. My father wants all of us to continue with our day to day life... The idea that any of his children would put their lives on hold is unbearable to him. So I am fighting the urge to hop on the first plane to go home. I already have a flight scheduled to go home on the 1st for my nieces baby shower. Its funny how when faced with impeding death of a loved one, all of your priorities change...

My father is a fighter. I can't say that I know he will pull through this... but I do know that only a higher power can determine when you will take your last breath.. not a doctor. Listening to the report from my sister that basically all the doctor's can try to do at this point is to try to minimize the spread and make him as comfortable as possible so he isn't in as much pain was hard for me to hear. But I think knowing that he is in such shape will make the inevitable a little easier to contend with. I can't wait to see him next week and give him a big hug. Until then, I'm going to try to continue with some sembelance of a normal life.

~*~ Sinn ~*~
Blog 149: *Whew*
Took my 3 days, (off and on,) to get it done.. but I have finally made it through the 285 pages of friend requests (on MySpace,) that have been haunting me for the last several months. Sorry for the long delay, but I want to, (at least,) attempt to prevent minors from accessing my page. You'd be surprised at how many 14 year old girls and boys try to join my page!!! Thank goodness MySpace has finally gotten smart and added privacy options to prevent those under 18 from both contacting and seeing your page now. Its about fricken time! :)

~*~ Sinn ~*~
Blog 148: Work, work work.... and just the right amount of pleasure.
The last couple of days since returning from vegas I have been diligently locked in front of my computer. I'm going to bounce around a little bit here... so dont expect this entry to be in chronological order. :)

My website, (also available at finally has Visa approval and is fully functional. There are a few kinks that need to get worked out... images that still need to be airbrushed... but for the most part its all there. :)

Yesterday, I had to get in contact with one of the merchant reps at Gamelink, the company that my online video store is available through. One of the problems with having added a last name to my stage name a few years ago, is that most online stores have a handful of video titles under the name "Sinnamon Love," and a ton of titles under the name "Sinnamon." I spoke to Leah at Gamelink yesterday and asked her too merge the two star pages, and emaile her images and bio to update the page with... that should be done on Monday or Tuesday of next week. The store is live at or by clicking the store link from the website. Now, anyone that's been asking about purchasing movies can get them direct from my store! Next week, I'll be sending them a comprehensive list of titles to see of they can acquire all of the stuff I've done in the past. :)

I've made myself a note to contact all major online stores to have them merge my 2 star pages if it hasn't already been done. I'm sure lots of people that are trying to get older titles are having a difficult time if they are trying to pull me up under just my first name. :)

I've sent over a list of changes I'd like to have made to the site to Chris, Jeff and Yami @ Atlas... Atlas rocks! Coming from a place where I used to do all this stuff myself, its hard to give it up... But Atlas is awesome about getting the job done. I can't wait until everything is the way I want it so we can really start promotng the site. Two of my girlfriends in the business have asked me to start producig content for their sites.. and I'm definitely considering it. That's what Love Digital Media is all about! Content Development or the web! So over the weekend, I'll be putting together content production schedules for them complete with budgets so we can get rolling.

While in Vegas, things were so nuts. I did interviews for Dorcel TV, this French Network, and the producers started teaching me dirty French phrases:
"J'aime te bite!"
Translation: "I love your cock!" ..

They totally agreed to help me find an apartment to sublet in Paris so I can come over for Venus in April. I'm working on potentially exhibiting or the show. I want to come out and meet all my Hot French fans and enjoy Paris in the Spring... ;-) I hear its truly, beautiful!

During my 3 days of signing, one of the most amazing things happened... I had the privilege of meeting the Legendary, Miss Angel Kelly! Angel is one of the first true Black Porn Stars of our industry. Angel left the industry in 1990, 3 years before I came into the business... so it was a true pleasure to meet this legend of the blue screen.

These pics were taken by someone else with my cell and for some reason they were a little blurry... My apologies!

I got sick right before coming to Vegas, (Bronchitis,) and spent the entire trip downing Dayquil and NyQuil. One night, I literally called down to the bell desk and had the guy go to the gift shop, purchase a $13 bottle of Nyquil and bring it to my room.... of course I remimbursed the guy plus tip... but had I not done that, I don't know if I could have survived. A special thanks to Terrell, my long time makeup artist and stylist for being in Vegas.. Terrell made sure that each day I looked fabulous and didn't look the way I really felt. :)

I finally met Miss Kianna Jade, the petite princess of porn. She is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to work with her!

Although Kitten lives in Vegas, she shared my room with me. I love her to death... she's one of my best friends. We kept each other sane by getting each other food and making sure we got sleep. :) My diet during AEE generally consists of continental breakfast, fruit salad on the show floor, chicken noodle soup w/ a salad immediately after the show, and mini bar items at the end of the night. One night, Kitten, Marc Davis, Nathan Threat and I managed to actually have a sit down dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian. My shrimp scampi sucked balls... but Marc's spaghetti was absolutely fabulous. I tried ordering a mojito... but it just wouldn't go down and I wound up babysitting it all night.

The awards show was well, the awards show.. Long. The opening number with 100 strippers from Olympic Gardens was way too over the top. But the special showing of John Stagliano's stage show, Fashionistas was purely stunning. Dave Navarro is my new crush, Naomi wasn't there to accept her award for Best New Starlet, and I'm still scratching my head as to how Hillary Scott somehow managed to beat out Belladonna, Jada Fire AND Marie Luv for Female Performer of the Year. Charmane Star and her beau, Kitten, Marc and I managed to escape before the Feature of the Year was announced. Ray Ray was supposed to attend with me... but I managed to get him booked on a shoot, (unfortunately, it would up being with this 18 year old pregnant girl,) so he didn't make it.

After the awards there was the usual drama involving drugs and angry people in the hotel bar. I get annoyed easily... and wanted to just go. I knew not to attend the Sex Z Pictures party, considering they won a ton of awards this year... there party would be packed. And it was. Instead, I dragged a few new friends to the Bellagio to Sean Michaels' party. I love Sean.. and his parties are always laid back and a good time. :) I needed to chill... I hadn't made it to any of the events I was slated for because I was so sick half the time.

I did shoot a scene for Lee G. on Wednesday night that will appear in the video, Doin' the Bubble Butt 2 (Black Ice.) I know, I know.. Should be Doin' the Butt... but tell that to Black Ice.. not me. ;-) Lee paired me with Rock, one of my new fav performers.. We have great chemistry, and he put his cock up my rear with skill and expertise. I was scheduled to shoot a couple of scene for this new company from Chicago.. but they turned out to be rather flaky... I met this guy, Dr. Fredrick Brown, from Houston, that kept me in conversation for about 30 minutes in my hotel lobby, about his company.. they do on the spot 20 minute oral HIV test... You can literally call them up from anywhere, at any hour, and a doctor will come out and test a prospective partner! I'll post his info later...

When I came home on Monday.. things were calm for the night. Then Tuesday, I had a 9:30 am call time for Lee G. to shoot the (solo) box cover for Doin' The Bubble Butt 2. I met Pinky, who was there shooting the box for another Black Ice title. She's a little cutie, and I grabbed her number so I can shoot her for my site. I stuck around for a bit and met Vida Valentine, who is looking rather trim these days. Of course, I took her number as well. I watched Vida and LT shoot a scene for Lee... then shot my own scene with Shorty Mack for All that Ass 39, Lee's first title back with West Coast. The scene was originally supposed to be an anal scene... but it was late and at the last minute he changed the scene to a regular boy-girl. Shorty was thrown off a little I think... because I kept grabbing him by the neck with both hands and choking him. I turned into quite the shit talker... His member was wide enough.. but wasn't nearly long enough for me. :)

Aurora Jolie stopped by Wednesday night to pick up her luggage she'd let before AEE... and asked if she could stay the night. I had planned to call my masseur, Ken, but myLove called and said he was on his way instead. Plans changed... He came in, handed me 2 Negro Modelos to open for him, then I immediately undressed him, dropped to my knees and started to give him head in the living room right in front of Aurora. At one point, I got up to grab my collar, handed it to him, and had him secure it around my neck before going back to my task. The entire chair was soaking wet... My mouth, like a waterfall.. my tongue savored every centimeter of his flesh. He decided to give Aurora a gift... We took her into the bedroom and laid her down... I handed him the ky warming liquid, (only good for massages,) and the two of us gave her a 4 handed massage. With him at her neck and back, and me at her feet and legs... we massaged every inch of her. She was a bit tight... but we relaxed her. He straightened her out... and began to give her a chiropractic adjustment. He adjusted her neck, back, ankles, hips... so she'd feel better. I love watching him at work. :)

Afterwards, she slipped back into the living room and he grabbed me and laid me next to him on the bed. After a few silent breaths, he ordered me to lie on top of him and take a deep breath. He squeezed me tight and cracked my back in 9 places. *Sigh* The release was exactly what I needed after such an insane week.

We began to play... licking him slowly, taking as much of him as possible into my mouth.. I brought him back to life. He pulled me on top of him, and pushed himself into my tight hole. I could barely it him at first... but leaning forward, I could feel my kitty opening up just for him. My body immediately began to shake.. I could feel his love enter my vagina and exit through my heart. I convulsed with orgasm.. My hips lifting off of him unable to take any more.. I kissed him.. then crawled up his body resting my lips on his. Holding onto the headboard, I rocked back and forth with his tongue spoke soft words to my nether region and my echoes could be heard throughout the building.

Lying next to him.. I shivered with Love. I clmbed back on top of him, and dropped my kitty onto his cock. Riding him, I moved his hand from my hip to my ponytail. He pulled my hair - jetting my head back, choking me a little. He released my hair and grabbed oto my collar... forcing me to gasp for air. Once I'd released all of myLove, covering his skin, He grabbed my ankles and turned me onto my back and closer to him. He entered me with precision, aggressively. Whispering sweet nothings into my ear, I gave up my heart and started to cry.. He always knew what I needed to hear. He kissed my tears and said things that only he could... giving me a chance to release all the pressures from the last weeks. He flipped me over onto my belly, continued his sensual barrage in my ear and without second thought, roughly, forcefully, entered my rear without any lube... I screamed... he had gotten larger since we last were together. I was unprepared. I could feel him softened, an he gripped it to stiffen it up so he could enter only partly erect. Once in, he began to immediately grow and the shock on my face was buried into the pillow. I relaxed, taking him in... self lubricating so he could take me as he pleased. "I.. am.. your slut.. I.. am.. your whore.." my words began to blur as I stopped being aware of the fact that a girl that wanted to stay the night with me was just on the other side of the open door. "Daddy, Please," was the only thing I could say to bring him back to reality.

On my back once again, his movements became more fluid and he refused to take less than every ounce of cum from my body. I gave him all I had, then gave him even more... I squirted everywhere then finally, he pulled out of my, straddled my torso and released all over my lips, breasts, and stomach. I laid in bed licking my lips in the dark while he stood holding his head, "God I love you so much."

He went to rescue a towel from the cubbard while I lay there stunned. When he rejoined me in the living room, I called out, "I'm still licking cum off my face." He laughed and kissed me on the forehead, "You know exactly what to say, don't you." He started dressing and I found myelf sitting on the floor in awe. I'm so in love its disgusting. I looked down and saw cum stains on my breasts... I put my fingers against my ass... nice and opened, and smiled.

"Come here," He called from the door.
I turned and saw him... He was waiting for me. I stood up and went to him. He bent down, grabbed the front of my collar and kissed my lips.

"I love you."
"I love you too," I smiled.
"How's your back?" He called out to Aurora.
"Better. Thank you for the massage," She replied.

I stood naked except for my collar in the doorway and watched him disappear into the stairwell. Back in the apartment, I got online and aimlessly surfed the web. Eventually, I fell asleep with my cum soaked collar still wrapped around my throat.

I dreamt pleasant dreams and awoke refreshed and ready to face the world. I spent all of Thursday morning naked, unshowered, still in my collar working away... I realized that I am literally so sprung, a slinky couldn't compare to me. :) Being made love to the way he did.. gave me just the refueling I needed to refocus my energies. Since then, my ideas have been more fluid, my focus is more on point. I know exactly what needs to be done and how to go about accomplishing it. Sometimes... a little bit of love is all it takes. :)

Last night I was up chatting with ?uestlove about a little project I want to undertake with him. Top Secret for now... Today I am mostly focused on building my production calendar for and also to start producing content for my FemDomme site, I am supposed to have a guest this afternoon... so hopefully I'll get lucky. ;-)

That'll cost you 2 kudos. :)

all the best,
Sinnamon Love
Blog 147: YouTube - I am truly fucking hiliarious!
Ok.. I am truly, seriously, hilarious!

I did so many interviews in Vegas during AVN that I couldn't help but do a quickie little search on YouTube to see what's popped up.. and lo and behold, I get this kick ass video of me being straight L7 (Shout out to Kitten and Dawn the rest of the L7 Crew!) Check this out and be sure to comment...! I'm just waiting for me to break out with "Dude!" at any moment... Warning: I was so sick during the show and my voice is a little funky. .. That'll be 2 kudos, please and thank you!

Blog 146: Steam Rooms (Taken From MySpace)
steam rooms are great for girl girl sex..
but not a great idea for boy girl sex.
they do make for a hot 3some however..
just for future reference.

at least my skin is well hydrated.
and my face & thighs are well oiled with girlie juices..
and my kitty has been fed..

and now..

I can





according to *he*

Just like a man! heh!

nite all! ;-)

~*~ Sinny ~*~
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Hi fans my new website is done!!! I hope you all enjoy it.
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