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Blog 243: Busy, Busy, Busy...

Current mood: accomplished
Category: Blogging

This past week has been so busy, I've barely had time to breath let alone sleep... but I'm finally catching my breath. Today's the last day in a long run so I've finally got a few moments to catch up on errands and a little editing. In fact, last night I finally got around to editing a blog from last Tuesday along with shooting and editing one from last night. Here you are, enjoy!


From Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From Friday, June 28, 2007

Blog 242: New Release - Doin' Da Bubble Butt 3

Current mood: naughty
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Hey there everyone! I love when I can bring you timely information... :-) Be sure to pick up this new release just dropped TODAY in My Online Store (This title is not yet available for Download, but will be available in the member's section of my site soon...) There are also several other new titles and comps (from Seymore Butts and Black Ice.)

Also, 2 new archive scenes have been added to my member's section. Be on the look out.. because shortly I will be adding video blogs from Erotica LA, including a special live fire performance, and a rant on the Oprah Hip Hop/ Don Imus Show. ;-)

Off to shoot a scene with Mr. Pete for my site!

~*~ Sinny ~*~

Blog 241: Come See Me at Erotica LA!

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

Fooling around in Photoshop and came up with a couple of flyers for this weekend's events! Be sure to come check me out and say hello!

Blog 240: Vlog 4 - Love Sucks

Current mood: loved

Yes... Even Porn Stars have hearts. Sinnamon whines about how a phone call almost interrupts the flow of her whole day. Yep... It was about 12 minutes long so you have to endure 2 videos instead of 1. ;-)

Kudos, por favor... I just spilled my heart out to you.

~*~ Sinny ~*~

Part I

Part II

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Blog 239: Vlog 3 - Home from a first date

Category: Blogging

"I like boys, and boys like me." (from Loving Jezebel)

I'm such a girl... I love first dates. Don't you? The anticipation is wonderful... Short blog, but kudos are paramount!

~*~ Sinny ~*~

Blog 238: Vlog 2 - After Mr. Marcus' Party
Last night I went to Mr. Marcus' launch party for his clothing line, Daddy, Inc. at Nacional in Hollywood. I took a few minutes to recap the night afterwards and of course... went off into a tangent about my wicked sex life. :)

2 Kudos por favor... (Now if I can just learn how to keep these damn videos down to 10 minutes!! hehehe!)

~*~ Sinny ~*~

VLOG 2: After Mr. Marcus' Party

VLOG 2 - Part II: After Mr. Marcus' Party
Blog 237: My First Video Blog

Current mood: accomplished
Category: Blogging

I came home last night from Tee Reel's birthday party and attempted the impossible... recording a video blog to share with my fans... Not just recording, but editing and uploading to Youtube. Hopefully you all will enjoy this two part blog...

2 Kudos dammit - this took a lot of fricken work! ..

Ok - The fricken still images are taking forever to show up... and the video is a bit grainy once compressed and uploaded.. I just got some advice from The Most Exhaulted, VLog Guru Himself so hopefully it will be better in a few.. stay tuned..
~*~ Sinny ~*~

My First VLog - Part I

My First VLog - Part II

Be sure to log into my MySpace Blog to comment and leave Kudos! :)

Blog 236: Votes are in!
Blog 236: Votes are in!
Hey there!

Sleepy girl here... just finished 3 hours on Fetish at Nite/ Blue at Nite.. co-hosting both shows with Orpheous as Marie was out ill tonight. The topic of tonight's show was raising kids in an alt relationship... I'll go into the details later. I did get Red Light District Contract Director/ Performer Mr. Pete to come on to the show in our last hour and talk about his latest projects.. He flattered me by saying his favorite scene to date was the scene we shot a few weeks ago. Aww... (Applause!) *Now that's how you get some ass!*

I got spanked by Mistress Papillon for her birthday. Then by Indi. Then by Orpheous. Papillon and I discussed possibly shooting together at some point. (I need to get dominated by some big Black Amazon for my site.. don't I? ;)

I'm sleepy.. but I finished tallying the votes from the last few days on which Brandon Iron site I should shoot for...

And the winner is....


Load My Mouth!

That's right...

Scores are:

Load My Mouth = 22 votes
Sperm Cocktail = 13 votes
and Cover My Face = 9 votes.

There were a couple of you that voted for all 3... but that wasn't the idea, so those votes don't count. ;-P

I'll keep you guys updated on when we are going to shoot this so you can check it out on my site!

Off to bed! Nitey Nite!

~*~ Sinny ~*~

{B to the A to the R - A - C - K - O - B -A - M - A.}
Blog 235: Tonight on Fetish at Nite!
Be sure to join me tonight on Primetime Uncensored, as I co-host Fetish at Nite with Orpheous once again... 7pm-9pm PST. Tonight's topic, raising children in an alternative lifestyle. This should be interesting...

I may also be sticking around for Blue at Nite with Vanessa and Marie.


~*~ Sinny ~*~
Blog 234: "I Got A Crush On Obama"

Category: Music


~*~ Sinny ~*~

Blog 233: Choose my next scene!
Current mood:  giddy
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

Hey all! I just got off the phone with director/ talent Brandon Iron about shooting some trade for my website.. Brandon no longer shoots for a video company, but now shoots exclusively for his 3 websites... the problem is, the sites are all totally dirty and I can't decide which one I'd want to shoot for! So for the first time ever, I am going to let you, my fans, decide what type of scene I shoot! This scene will wind up on both Brandon's site and my site, so you will get to log on and watch your fantasy come to life!!!

Here are the three sites and their descriptions:

Load My Mouth

Load my mouth is a POV BJ site featuring Brandon Iron as the talent. Here, the scenes are pretty basic... interview, tease, then sucking (and possibly fucking) Brandon - ending in swallowing... every girl, everytime.

Cover My Face

From the mind of Brandon Iron, check out the hardcore action as all these beautiful sluts get banged by a lucky guy before getting creamed over and over again by at least 10 guys!! Be warned... it gets messy!!!

Sperm Cocktail

This site features girls with a real drinking problem but it's not with alcohol, it's with cum. Most of them swallow over 10 loads, some in a glass, some straight out of the pipe. The thing to remember is... there's no bad way to swallow your sperm cocktail.

**According to Brandon, Cover My Face and Sperm Cocktail often feature 4-5 guys, but the most extreme shoots of 10+ guys are featured on the tour. Also, I could easily do just a large blow bang, and not actually have sex if I wanted to... My thing is, I have only shot one gangbang, and it was for one of the best directors ever, Alex DeRenzy... and while I would do it again, it would probably be exclusive content for my site and not something I would share with another site. ;-) So... don't think gangbang here, but rather blow bang ending in a massive facial, a massive swallow or just a one-on-one with the man himself, Brandon Iron. :-)

You decide... Begin comments and kudos my signing into my myspace blog! ;-)

If this works... I may start posting images of perspective talent and get suggestions as to what you may want to see me do with them!

~*~ Sinny ~*~
Blog 232: Video Update - Horny Black Mothers 3
Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Just added to my member's site today! Horny Black Mother's 3! Be sure to hop over to the site and check me out with Charlie Mack in this porno take on To Catch a Predator. Charlie meets "my daughter" online and shows up to have sex... but winds up with me instead. ;-) I make him give me a show, then show him that being with a grown woman is a good thing, and we play with all over the kitchen, ontop of the counter, bent over the sink, everything.. Its a hot scene and you won't want to miss it!

Click here to go straight to the member's section and view this scene!

~*~ Sinny ~*~
Blog 231: Haikus for my Father
Current mood:  sad
Category: Writing and Poetry


My heart still ravished

Teas fall and cover my cheek

How I do miss you.


I knew it was near

Doesn't make it any easier

I just want you back.


Frozen by grief

time doesn't heal all wounds

how long must I wait?


I can hear her voice
Telling me, you are no more.
Tears dry like wet paint.


(c) Sinnamon Love - June 11, 2007
Blog 230: The Booble Porn Minute
Current mood:  hungry

Now... You've watched the Spurs trounce the Cavs, you thought your cable went out at the end of Sopranos, and you're about to join me in watching NBA Legend John Salley get behind the wheel of a stock car in his first race on Fast Cars and Superstars on ABC.. But have you caught up with your Porn News Minute for the week?? Well hop over to Booble and be sure to check me out delivering the topless news for, brought to you by XFanz. :)

~*~ Sinny ~*~
Blog 229: Breaking up is hard to do...
Current mood:  sleepy
Category: Romance and Relationships

I'm such a sap.
I really like him
But I don't think he "gets" how simple this is supposed to be.
I'm spoiled.
I don't like to share my toys.
I don't play nicely with others...
Mostly because others don't know how to play...
So last night,
After hitting the pink carpet at this DVD release party
Doing some press
getting drinks at the VIP bar
enjoying one another's company was interrupted
by my play-brother Suave
and his girl Candace
mentioning that he and his girl were living together.
Not that I didn't know they were doing the room mate thing
I'd already warned him that in a 19 year old girl brain
the room mate thing translated into
"my man and I have moved in together"
despite anything he's said
no matter how repeatedly
about them not being together anymore.
I decided en route to my place
that I wouldn't do it anymore.
We like each other
But I've been in my situation (with myLove) since she was like...
12 years old.
So why would I reduce myself
to appearing to be so shady
as to steal some little girl's boyfriend from her
Hell, I may be a Porn Star
But I'm not a Homewrecker.

I believe its possible to feel something strong for more than one person...
I believe its possible to enjoy intimacy with more than one person...

But I believe that in order to do that
there has to be complete honesty
complete trust
complete openess...
I believe you can't hide your wishes
or your desires
not from your partners
and not from yourself.

I believe that he is lying to himself
about what he really wants in his life.
Either that,
or he hasn't quite figured out what that is.

And that's perfectly okay.

But at 33,
With the Love of my life in place
completely secure in my ability to go out and play
and enjoy intimate little affairs
to experience my own personal growth
I dare not enter into a situation
where there is a question
of honesty
and intent.

Thats what this whole thing is about...

I explained to him last night
that there are rules of engagement
to every encounter in life.
And that if he wants to be involved with me
he has to man the fuck up
and stop playing games
with me
with her
with himself...
and start laying down
and living by the rules.
Whatever they may be.

Rule #1 for me?
Always tell the truth.
No matter what.

He moved from the doorway where I'd stopped him in his tracks and said I couldn't see him anymore...
He moved to where I stood leaning against the kitchen counter
and pushed against me
brushing those soft lips of his against my neck
and his check against my own

"How can you just...
end it so easily?"

He doesn't understand me at all...

I pointed out that I was merely doing as I had forewarned.
I gave fair warning that if I felt that his situatiion was going to be detrimental
that I'd back down - quickly.
In an industry
where everyone knows everyone
and people gossip
I will NOT have directors
or talent
not wanting to work with me
behind some little high school romance gone arry.

I do enjoy him
And I know...
that he really enjoys
perhaps prefers
my company.
But of course,
I'm a woman.
And with me,
in my company
even if not in my bed
he truly gets to experience
what it feels like to be treated
like a Man
by a woman...
But I can not be his escape.
I can not be his mistress.
I will not play second fiddle
to someone beneath me.

And so...
Our little affair must come to an end.

I wish it could be different.
He had said last night
that he has an exit plan
but that I never asked.

"Its not my place to ask you what you plan to do about a situation you claim is already over. If you want me to know, you would tell me."

He agreed.

I gave him an option tonight...
To give me a reason
to keep him around.

It sucks because over the last few weeks we have agreed to shoot a ton of content with and for each other...
for our mutual internet projects.
I know that we can do so much business together.
That we could easily rule a kingdom
within our industry.
We have so much in common
not to mention that we are both driven
and ambitious
with similar professional goals.

So we've agreed to continue our professional mission
hopefully it will not be too awkward...

I'm not a complete hard ass...
But I will not settle for less.
I demand the best
from everyone around me...

Let's see if he can pick up the pace
And be better than he credits himself to be.

~*~ Sinny ~*~
Blog 228: Video Update - Big Butt Black Teachers

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

Okay... I've received so many emails from fans about my appearance in this movie... so I'm finally sitting down to watch it. I must admit... this scene is pretty hot! =) If you haven't checked it out... or if its been awhile since you've seen it, definitely log onto to watch Coach Carter, (Nathan Threat,) put in some serious work to get his best track star on the field to run for the state championship meet! hehehe! Yeah... the storyline is cheesy.. but its just porn, so what do you expect?! haha!

Check out the full scene at!

~*~ Sinny ~*~

Blog 227: Living in Sinnamon Love
Current mood:  creative
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

I have been just plain B.U.S.Y. the last few days...

Wednesday afternoon I took the train to Santa Barbara for my speaking engagement at UCSB. Mirielle picked me up and delivered me to Professor Constance Penley's class with no problems. The train ride would have been uneventful, but we ran over a shopping cart somewhere along the line that scared the frick out of me. Professor Penley said I was brilliant... that most people only excel at either the presentation or the Q&A. She said I was great at both! ;-)

Thursday I managed to get out of the house for a bit and went to the Roosevelt hotel to hang with one of my closest friends, M1 from dead prez. We chilled at the pool, ordered dim sum and had a few drinks, (Mojitos for me, Beer for him.) Umi was good enough to man the video camera while I did a quickie little interview with M that I will post here later... Then we all headed to the famed LA Coliseum while M1, Rakim, Aceylone, 2 members of The Hieroglyphics and others I can't recall shot a commercial for 2KSports. Its going to be hot! Back to the hotel, then I felt myself "losing my glow" as my dad would say... so I scooted home for a good night's sleep.

Friday morning I ran over to XFans and XBiz and shot the Booble Topless News Minute for The guys were great! They made it fun and exciting and easy as pie... I even got a chance to review a weird toy of the week, the House of Love Butt Plug... which, I swear looks like a chick, or a Care Bear (TM) with a heart between would would be her crotch.

*Note: Never give a nervous, mildly bi-polar chick coffee... even if she asks for it! ;-)

While I was there, the guys mentioned that Bob, (His business card reads "executive editor,") wanted to do a quickie interview with me. You guys know how I am... I never miss an opportunity to run my trap, so I stayed put. Bob was awesome, and the interview, which I thought I rambled way too much about everything under the sun... turned out to be great!

Check out my interview on XFANS!

Next, I spent the day running around collecting checks from companies... I was in shock to find that even with the max number of deductions Vivid took 1/3 of my check from this Chemistry shoot! UGH! Anyway, I was immediately depressed... But snapped out of it when I realized they gave me the check from my box cover shoot a week early. (*Still have to call the payroll office on Monday.)

Later that night, I arrived at Primetime Uncensored just moments before Fetish at Night started. I had just enough time to slip into a vintage garter skirt, bra and panties. With the help of a cute girl names Whitney, one of our show's guests, I got laced into my corset and onto set in plenty of time. This was my first foray as Orpheus' co-host on the show.. and hopefully it will become a regular Friday night thing.  The show opened with a Rough Sex 101 refresher and quickly led into the topic of Polyamory - with our show's guest being Orpheus' lovely "family." I got to play mediator, asking the tough, hard questions - including what happens if one of the younger women decide they later want kids of their own and who gets to do the laundry.

After the show, we ran out to Coco's restaurant across from the Lair de Sade for coffee and a late meal. Feeling a little under the weather from my allergies, I bid everyone else adeiu while I scampered home for some much needed rest.

This morning I rose at 6am to prepare for a shoot for She Fightz a FemDom website based around wrestling, smothering and ass worship. The shoot was a snap, but the long ride from L.A. to Redlands knocked me on my ass... The guy was less than enthusiast.. totally not sub, and while hot, more interested in getting blown than what the shoot really consisted on. I arrived home around 3pm as planned and collapsed on my sofa for a much needed 2 hour nap.

I left my laptop at the Primetime Uncensored studio Friday night, so I am instead taking it easy tonight... Updating this blog from the business center in my building.   I'll have my baby back tomorrow, so no worries...

I had planned a super secret hardcore shoot for my site tomorrow, but the gent had to cancel as his little girl broke her leg and he had to fly to San Francisco tonight. No worries.. gives me more time to plan!

It looks like I'm seeing Anthony tonight for the first time since he returned from Brasil on Thursday. It will be nice to see his face, get a hug, maybe a kiss, but I regret that is the extent of our play for tonight... My self-imposed 2 week quarantine rule, (so he can be retested after a week of shooting in Brasil,) is going to be difficult to uphold as we are both horny as hell... but I need to know that whatever I am doing is 100% safe. I don't want to have to worry myself, or myLove, over something as trivial as sex.

Life is good...

~*~ Sinny ~*~
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