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Blog 263: Life is beautiful... A Retrospection

I've received so many emails from friends and fans here on MySpace asking for a blog update, asking if I'm okay... and just checking in. I must say that I am always pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming positive energy I receive from my fans. So now, its my pleasure to pass on a few details about what I've been up to in my absence. :)

A little over a month ago, my mother flew in for a month to assist me with preparations for my move into my new place, (ok, mostly just to keep an eye on my little kidlet while I work and prepare to move.) Her first night in town, we were walking to through the neighborhood to the school and the three of us were flashed by a homeless man. The man proceeded to follow us 3 - 4 blocks down the street. Police were called, and turns out, this man was a Megan's Law registered sex offender. All 3 of us, (10 year old included,) received subpoenas to testify in the preliminary hearing. Happily, I had to forego the Exotic Erotic Ball in order to satisfy the subpoena.

I have felt such a true appreciation for my life in the last month... One of my dearest friends has been living on the street for the last 2 years, initially by choice, but now she finds it hard to return to a life she once knew. As much as I would like, I've learned to just let go and let the people I love make their own choices and live their own path. I've discovered how to be here when she wants me to be... to not judge her for her decisions, yet to maintain a comfortable distance so I do not have to fear influence of the drama that seems to follow her about these days.

During this past month, We moved into our new townhouse, making me officially a valley girl. :) I thought I'd dread it, but I'm finding that I actually love it. MyLove walked into my bedroom and viewed the lit fireplace and told me that I did good... and praised me for my diligence is finding the perfect place for me, and not rushing into something I would hate later on. With the freedom of a larger space, I broke down and finally agreed to adding a new member to our family... Tuesday, my babygirl and I adopted a gorgeous, 4 year old little boy named Duke, our Black Cocker Spaniel with white chest markings. The staff at the East Valley Animal Services were awesome and made it so easy to want to take every single pet home with us. We could have easily have purchased a puppy, but I felt it was important to save a dog from being euthanized, than to buy into a potential puppy mill dog. Of course, no good deed... Duke (of Love,) suffers from a condition known as cherry eye. He will require surgery in order to prevent him from having further optical issues. He's such a good dog, already house trained... although we have had a few problems - he's not feeling well from being neutered today. Poor baby! He's in such bad shape... his fur was matted and he desperately needed a bath. But now he's home and lying on my kitchen floor while I prepare tomorrow's dinner.

Speaking of tomorrow...

In the early afternoon, myself, Amber Peach, Diana Devoe, Director Jax, former contract girl Julia Ann and a few others will spend the first part of our day volunteering at a local park, helping to serve food for some of our city's homeless and disadvantaged. My little girl wants to read books to some of the children benefiting from this event. Afterwards, I've invited a few people, friends, co-workers, etc., to stop by for dinner.

The Menu:

Hors d'oerves: Goat Cheese Stuffed Figs
Soup: Pumpkin and Shrimp Bisque
Salad: Arugula with oranges, pomegranate seeds and goat cheese
Main: Roasted Turkey w/ Pomegranate Gravy
Potato: Mashed Yams in Orange Cups
Veggies: Green bean casserole, Spiced Carrots
Other: Oprah's fav macaroni & cheese
Breads: Cornbread Dressing, Cornbead muffins w/ maple butter, home made whole wheat rolls
Desserts: La Bete Noire (Flourless Chocolate cake,)
Nectarine Blackberry cobbler
Banana Pudding
Bread Pudding
Drinks: cranberry kir royale & french 75

So far... that's my day tomorrow! ;-)

What's yours look like?

If you'd like for me to post one of these great recipes, let me know!

Ok, back to work... I have a turkey to prep before I pass out!

Oh! Don't forget...! Fetish at Nite is NOW back from hiatus! But this time, our shows are only 1 hour instead of 2. We've also been picked up by a cable network in Canada, so hello to all our fans out there!

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