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Blog 232: Video Update - Horny Black Mothers 3
Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Just added to my member's site today! Horny Black Mother's 3! Be sure to hop over to the site and check me out with Charlie Mack in this porno take on To Catch a Predator. Charlie meets "my daughter" online and shows up to have sex... but winds up with me instead. ;-) I make him give me a show, then show him that being with a grown woman is a good thing, and we play with all over the kitchen, ontop of the counter, bent over the sink, everything.. Its a hot scene and you won't want to miss it!

Click here to go straight to the member's section and view this scene!

~*~ Sinny ~*~
Blog 231: Haikus for my Father
Current mood:  sad
Category: Writing and Poetry


My heart still ravished

Teas fall and cover my cheek

How I do miss you.


I knew it was near

Doesn't make it any easier

I just want you back.


Frozen by grief

time doesn't heal all wounds

how long must I wait?


I can hear her voice
Telling me, you are no more.
Tears dry like wet paint.


(c) Sinnamon Love - June 11, 2007
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