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Blog 227: Living in Sinnamon Love
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I have been just plain B.U.S.Y. the last few days...

Wednesday afternoon I took the train to Santa Barbara for my speaking engagement at UCSB. Mirielle picked me up and delivered me to Professor Constance Penley's class with no problems. The train ride would have been uneventful, but we ran over a shopping cart somewhere along the line that scared the frick out of me. Professor Penley said I was brilliant... that most people only excel at either the presentation or the Q&A. She said I was great at both! ;-)

Thursday I managed to get out of the house for a bit and went to the Roosevelt hotel to hang with one of my closest friends, M1 from dead prez. We chilled at the pool, ordered dim sum and had a few drinks, (Mojitos for me, Beer for him.) Umi was good enough to man the video camera while I did a quickie little interview with M that I will post here later... Then we all headed to the famed LA Coliseum while M1, Rakim, Aceylone, 2 members of The Hieroglyphics and others I can't recall shot a commercial for 2KSports. Its going to be hot! Back to the hotel, then I felt myself "losing my glow" as my dad would say... so I scooted home for a good night's sleep.

Friday morning I ran over to XFans and XBiz and shot the Booble Topless News Minute for The guys were great! They made it fun and exciting and easy as pie... I even got a chance to review a weird toy of the week, the House of Love Butt Plug... which, I swear looks like a chick, or a Care Bear (TM) with a heart between would would be her crotch.

*Note: Never give a nervous, mildly bi-polar chick coffee... even if she asks for it! ;-)

While I was there, the guys mentioned that Bob, (His business card reads "executive editor,") wanted to do a quickie interview with me. You guys know how I am... I never miss an opportunity to run my trap, so I stayed put. Bob was awesome, and the interview, which I thought I rambled way too much about everything under the sun... turned out to be great!

Check out my interview on XFANS!

Next, I spent the day running around collecting checks from companies... I was in shock to find that even with the max number of deductions Vivid took 1/3 of my check from this Chemistry shoot! UGH! Anyway, I was immediately depressed... But snapped out of it when I realized they gave me the check from my box cover shoot a week early. (*Still have to call the payroll office on Monday.)

Later that night, I arrived at Primetime Uncensored just moments before Fetish at Night started. I had just enough time to slip into a vintage garter skirt, bra and panties. With the help of a cute girl names Whitney, one of our show's guests, I got laced into my corset and onto set in plenty of time. This was my first foray as Orpheus' co-host on the show.. and hopefully it will become a regular Friday night thing.  The show opened with a Rough Sex 101 refresher and quickly led into the topic of Polyamory - with our show's guest being Orpheus' lovely "family." I got to play mediator, asking the tough, hard questions - including what happens if one of the younger women decide they later want kids of their own and who gets to do the laundry.

After the show, we ran out to Coco's restaurant across from the Lair de Sade for coffee and a late meal. Feeling a little under the weather from my allergies, I bid everyone else adeiu while I scampered home for some much needed rest.

This morning I rose at 6am to prepare for a shoot for She Fightz a FemDom website based around wrestling, smothering and ass worship. The shoot was a snap, but the long ride from L.A. to Redlands knocked me on my ass... The guy was less than enthusiast.. totally not sub, and while hot, more interested in getting blown than what the shoot really consisted on. I arrived home around 3pm as planned and collapsed on my sofa for a much needed 2 hour nap.

I left my laptop at the Primetime Uncensored studio Friday night, so I am instead taking it easy tonight... Updating this blog from the business center in my building.   I'll have my baby back tomorrow, so no worries...

I had planned a super secret hardcore shoot for my site tomorrow, but the gent had to cancel as his little girl broke her leg and he had to fly to San Francisco tonight. No worries.. gives me more time to plan!

It looks like I'm seeing Anthony tonight for the first time since he returned from Brasil on Thursday. It will be nice to see his face, get a hug, maybe a kiss, but I regret that is the extent of our play for tonight... My self-imposed 2 week quarantine rule, (so he can be retested after a week of shooting in Brasil,) is going to be difficult to uphold as we are both horny as hell... but I need to know that whatever I am doing is 100% safe. I don't want to have to worry myself, or myLove, over something as trivial as sex.

Life is good...

~*~ Sinny ~*~
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