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Blog 233: Choose my next scene!
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Hey all! I just got off the phone with director/ talent Brandon Iron about shooting some trade for my website.. Brandon no longer shoots for a video company, but now shoots exclusively for his 3 websites... the problem is, the sites are all totally dirty and I can't decide which one I'd want to shoot for! So for the first time ever, I am going to let you, my fans, decide what type of scene I shoot! This scene will wind up on both Brandon's site and my site, so you will get to log on and watch your fantasy come to life!!!

Here are the three sites and their descriptions:

Load My Mouth

Load my mouth is a POV BJ site featuring Brandon Iron as the talent. Here, the scenes are pretty basic... interview, tease, then sucking (and possibly fucking) Brandon - ending in swallowing... every girl, everytime.

Cover My Face

From the mind of Brandon Iron, check out the hardcore action as all these beautiful sluts get banged by a lucky guy before getting creamed over and over again by at least 10 guys!! Be warned... it gets messy!!!

Sperm Cocktail

This site features girls with a real drinking problem but it's not with alcohol, it's with cum. Most of them swallow over 10 loads, some in a glass, some straight out of the pipe. The thing to remember is... there's no bad way to swallow your sperm cocktail.

**According to Brandon, Cover My Face and Sperm Cocktail often feature 4-5 guys, but the most extreme shoots of 10+ guys are featured on the tour. Also, I could easily do just a large blow bang, and not actually have sex if I wanted to... My thing is, I have only shot one gangbang, and it was for one of the best directors ever, Alex DeRenzy... and while I would do it again, it would probably be exclusive content for my site and not something I would share with another site. ;-) So... don't think gangbang here, but rather blow bang ending in a massive facial, a massive swallow or just a one-on-one with the man himself, Brandon Iron. :-)

You decide... Begin comments and kudos my signing into my myspace blog! ;-)

If this works... I may start posting images of perspective talent and get suggestions as to what you may want to see me do with them!

~*~ Sinny ~*~
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